Magda Lie-Nielsen grew up enjoying nature, classical music and ballet.  As a child she was always drawn to art and reading and enjoyed the company of interesting and well-read individuals.

Her father was a great influence in awakening her interest  for spiritual and mystical subjects and to see beauty in all of humanity.

Her mother taught her to enjoy the art of cooking.  She was captivated by  the colors, scents, and flavors of her mother’s culinary creations.

As a young woman, she designed her clothes and would guide the seamstress on how to make them. Her friends would always ask to borrow some of the pieces to be reproduced.

Through all of these experiences she developed a keen knowledge on the use of form and color in home design furnishings and accessories.

Magda Lie-Nielsen founded in 1999 Lie-Nielsen, a studio for drapery and bed accessories.

Lie-Nielsen Studio is fully staffed with seamstresses who possess an old world dedication to the highest quality in hand tailoring, making all the custom created pieces of the finest design and craftsmanship.

For the last 16 years at Lie-Nielsen, we have made luxurious pieces, allowing our discerning clients the ability to live, dine, dream, play and entertain in environments that create lasting memories.